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CABRERA & RICO has compiled the most relevant laws and regulations pertaining to Advertising and Promotion Law, Marketing and Distribution Law, Telecommunications, Trademark,  Copyright and Commercial matters. These are only a sample of pertinent local laws and regulations governing the above mentioned.

Materials on this web site have been prepared by Cabrera & Rico for general informational purposes only. Although prepared by professionals, these materials should not be used as a substitute for legal counseling in specific situations. You should not act or refrain from acting based on information at this site. They are not guaranteed to be correct, complete or up-to-date, and you should not rely on them without seeking the advice of an attorney or verifying the official sources. Use of this site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Cabrera & Rico.



New  Advertising Regulation for June 2015

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Sept 1, 2011

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Approved Laws

Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico Privacy Law

The purpose of this Act is to impose certain obligations over those individuals and entities that collect personal information or data.  It will apply to any person or entity that collects information either offline (such as entry coupons or mail entries) or online (such as personal data for registration, online surveys, contests or sweepstakes).
(See Summary)

  • Minors Rights Act
Derogated in part, this act re-established legal age to 21 years of age. Natural persons, 18 years and older, that acquired the legal age before the derogation, may keep their legal age by filing an affidavit before the registry. Proposed law seeks to return legal age to 18.
(See Summary)
  • Puerto Rico Dealership Act (Law 75)
Regulates dealership agreements between local and non-local  principals and local distributors. Also see Law 22 which regulates relations with sales' representatives.
(See Full Text - Spanish Version)
  • Ley Uniforme de Rótulos y Anuncios
    (Signage and Outdoor Uniform Act)
Regulates signage and outdoor advertising and imposes a registration and permit requisite before ARPE (Permits and Regulations Agency) Effective on February 22, 2000.
(See Summary)

Federal Law (U.S.A.)

  • Deceptive Mail Prevention and Enforcement Act

Enacted as an amendment to chapter 30 of Title 39 of U.S. Code, this act regulates advertising and promotional activities made through mailings. It applies to sweepstakes, skill contests and the mailing of facsimiles of government documents. This Act has a direct effect on the content of any sweepstakes and contest rules and advertising mailed to prospective participants.
(See English Summary)

NEW 2015

May 27, 2015

Full Text


Signs and
Outdoor Advertising
Uniform Act

Effective on
Feb. 22, 2000


Approved Regulations

Puerto Rico

  • Sweepstakes and Games of Chance Regulation

Department of Consumers' Affairs (DACO) updated current sweepstakes regulation. Approved as an amendment to former regulation, it will govern sweepstakes and games of chance promotions in P.R. Certain restrictions have been imposed. Amended in 2009.
(See Full Text - English Version PDF )

  • Misleading Advertising Regulation
Regulates offers, sales, prices, discounts, coupons  and general use of advertisement language, visual and audio representations, which extends, among others, to contests, games of chance, rebate & sales promotions, comparative advertisement, special events and advertising in general. Amended in May 2015.
(See Full Text - Spanish Version PDF)
  • Promoters and Events Regulation

Regulates activities regarding the promotion and production of live performances and events.  A compulsory local Register for promoters is created together with specific requirements.
(See Full Text - Spanish Version PDF) 

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Proposed Gift Card


Misleading Advertising Regulation

Effective on
Jun 27, 2015

Sweepstakes Regulation

Effective on
Nov 27, 2009

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